The Treasured Secret of Success - and YOU.

The #1 thing you need to do RIGHT AWAY, to turn ANYTHING in your life around.

March 6th, at 7:00pm to 9:300pm
at 320 Studios, West 37th St 14th Floor, NY, NY 10018

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"Are you looking to turn your life around but something is holding you back?"

Hi there,

Have you always felt there is more to life than what you were living? That there must be a purpose, a Bigger Picture for all that has happened to you?

That it was not an accident? Not a plan gone wrong?

That all the hard and painful experiences you had were actually – PART of THE PLAN?

You were right!

There has always been a plan: a Grand Plan, a Grand Plan for YOU.

You have a Destiny!

And it is inexorably pulling you towards what you came here to do.

That's why you are reading these words.



“This is the Time for New Opportunities and Second Chances…”


It was never meant to be this painful. But it was. And – it was "not for nothing!"

The reason your past still has a hold on you is because there are gifts and treasures there to be retrieved. So you can use them to powerfully create what you came here to do.

What gifts? – Your Ability to Act, for one. Your gift to Inspire, Your Courage, Your Passion for Life and many other gifts, all uniquely yours. The ones you have left there and not yet owned in yourself.

Let me show you how to take them back. Safely, elegantly and fast! So you don't continue to leak your life-force to what happened ages ago.

If you have been settling for a life less than what you have dreamed of – STOP!

Life is too short to not be happy! The clichés are right: If not now – when?


“This truly IS the Time for New Opportunities and Second Chances…”


And you have a Gift to share with the world, your unique, amazing gift. You know that.

But it's hard to do it when blocked by unresolved feelings and memories.

The old ways of struggling and "powering through" are not working too well and will continue to work less and less.

My Passion and my Gift is to take you beyond your fears, your insecurities, your doubts and your limiting beliefs – so human, yet they have been keeping you stuck, so you've been settling instead of living – and to teach you how to consciously create the Success you want.

Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity and Success are you Birthright. As is Love.

Being unabashedly In Love! In love with Life, in love with Yourself, having soul-filled friendships, and – if this is your preference – loving and being loved by one incredible, amazing, kind and caring woman or man. This too is your Birthright. Ready to be claimed by you.


“Let me show you how…”


I offer you my hand in an Invitation! Let me show you a Map.

A step-by-step way to get there!

Let me show you What's Possible! What YOU can create for yourself.






Auriela McCarthy is the best-selling author of an Award-Winning book The Power of the Possible, a book of hope and inspiration.

She is often referred to as a Spiritual Dear Abby because of her direct and down-to earth approach to some of the stickiest issues we are all grappling with in every day life.

It is this gift, combined with her sense of humor, compassion and her conviction that ANYONE when given the proper guidance and tools is able to change their life for the better that has gained her the reputation of a Wise Woman.

Her clients seek her advice on every life issue. People talk about amazing, core level shifts that happen "between the words," changing their lives forever.

For over 15 years Auriela has been a spiritual mentor, a counselor, a guide and a relationships expert touching the lives of thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life.
Her message is Nothing Changes until You Do. Her expertise is LOVE.
Here is what some people say about their experience:

"Auriela McCarthy has some answers that you have never heard before and will make more sense than anything else you have ever heard."
-January Jones, Los Angeles

"I learned more about love from reading and reflecting on one chapter of The Power of the Possible than I learned my entire life."

-Leslie Kirk Campbel, San Francisco.

"Auriela's wisdom cuts to the core of every issue. She has reached into my very soul to extract the damage and
beliefs that held me back form everything I claimed I wanted but was unable to create."

-Jackie Salvitti, Las Vegas.